Rain and road trips with a compact campervan – some would say they don’t mix. But they actually can have some awesome aspects to them (think – less crowds, greater likeliness of campfires being allowed, and fresh hiking weather), especially with the reassurance that when your day is done – you will have a campervan providing a dry and cozy space to relax in.. However, to help ensure that your trip is a great one, regardless of the weather – we’ve put together some suggestions of rainy day activities for your campervan roadtrip. Take a look 🙂


Rainy Day Activity Suggestions

1) Anything outside! Often times – especially in the Rockies – you will find that the rain is just a passing storm so if you can tough it out with rain gear, you can end up with not only quieter trails but with at the very least drier weather if not sunshine.

Rain gear = water repellant jacket, pants and shoes. If you don’t have any of these items you can try stopping in at a used gear shop (Switching Gear in Canmore, or Trailblazers in Cochrane) or one of the sporting good stores in the nearest town (ie. MEC).

Note: If you’re outside in an electrical storm there are some safety concerns to consider – especially if you’re hiking in the mountains. Check out this post from The Clymb for some suggestions on how to remain safe.

2) Embrace rainy day camping by setting up your bed and whipping out the cards or books to enjoy some time in your camper van rental. Also be sure you take advantage of the rain reducing the fire hazard and providing potential campfire opportunities, by purchasing some fire wood and setting it aside to dry out.

3) Hunt down the nearest Recreation Center. Often these locations will have a pool, hot tub, climbing wall, ice rink, library and/or a gymnasium making them an economical option to give everyone a chance to get some fun exercise in. You can even throw in a hot shower! Which is not something to be overlooked when travelling by campervan;)

4) Visit one of the hot springs nearby. For some ideas of the different ones you can visit by campervan in Western Canada check out our Hot Springs Blog Post.

5) Get out of the rain by visiting a local museum or art gallery.

6) Stop in at a café, have a hot drink and put the WiFi to use to get an idea on what is currently happening in the area for Festivals, Open Mic Nights or Live Music, Classes (dance, yoga, cooking etc) or last minute opening at the nearest Spa.

7) Visit a local brewery or winery to do some tastings, meet some people, and play some board games.

Happy rainy day adventuring!

Rainy Day Activities for Your Road Trip


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