Anyone else getting through lockdowns by daydreaming about where they’re going to travel when things open back up?? If a roadtrip in Canada by campervan or a van with a rooftop tent has crossed your mind – we get you.Here are some pros to planning for this upcoming season – and some ways to address the challenges that may be out there still for 2021. 

North Campervans Campervan and Rooftop Tent Rentals Calgary


  1. Less crowds
  2. The ability to keep yourself as separate from others as much as you like since you’ll have your own house on wheels
  3. Discounted rates

Challenges and What to Do About Them:

  • Inability to predict what travel looks like even a month or two down the road.
    • To address this we’ve put a super flexible cancellation policy in place. Cancel 2 weeks or more before your trip and receive a full refund. Cancel less than 2 weeks before your trip and receive a full credit towards a future trip.


  • Possibility of restaurants and pubs being closed.
    • We really really hope they’re open as they were last summer because who doesn’t love a burger and a bevvy after a big hike! BUT if they are – you’ll have your own house on wheels = a meal solution right there with your kitchen/camping gear.


  • Possibility of it being difficult to find showers.
    • So the 2020 season had this as a real challenge that for the campsites in the parks the showers weren’t open (the washrooms were though and some private campgrounds did have showers available). Our solution this upcoming season – portable camp showers! Heat some water on the campstove – find a private spot – and you’re set 🙂


  • High Demand for campsites
    • Campsite bookings in the parks will be opening in April for the 2021 season. We would highly recommend booking sites as soon as you can after they open and/or having a flexible travel plan. There’s also always the ability to find random camping spots or head to areas that are more off the beaten path!

We are looking forward to seeing you outside this upcoming season and hope this bit of information helps! However, if you have any questions – get in touch! We’re happy to talk all things camping anytime 🙂

Travel Considerations for the 2021 Season