A camping road trip in the spring has lots of benefits – think less crowds and lower prices allowing you to take a more relaxed approach to your holiday. Weather can be a little more unpredictable and in the Rockies in particular there’s a possibility/likeliness that some snow can still be found and some lakes may be still frozen over but regardless there are still plenty of great things to do that make this one of my favorite times of year to adventure! I’ve put together here a few activities/locations to consider if you’re planning a shoulder season roadtrip – check them out 🙂

  • Hiking – microspikes, poles and waterproof shoes are helpful as at higher elevations snow is likely to still be around. Two of my personal favorites in the Kananaskis area are:
    1. Grizzly Peak
    2. Wasootch
  • Biking – In the Rockies the trail conditions may or may not be dry enough but there are some really great options that are specific to the month of May such as:
    1. Bike in to Moraine Lake which is generally still closed to traffic through the month of May. Benefit will be you get to enjoy the views crowd free – con will be that it may still be ice covered or not quite the blue colour its famous for.
    2. Ride Highwood Pass (south portion of Highway 40 in Kananaskis) before June 15 when it is vehicle free – click here.

Some other biking options that aren’t specific to May:

    1. Bike from Canmore to Banff on the Legacy Trail – click here
    2. In the prairies and/or the Kootenays there are biking options that are likely to be snow free and ready to go – check out the following:
      • Medicine Hat and Cypress Hills – click here
      • Edmonton River Valley Trails – click here
      • Calgary Trails – click here
      • Bragg Creek Trails – click here
      • Trails in the Kootenays – click here

Side note: Bikes can be rented in most locations and bike racks can be added to most of your North Campervans rentals.

  • Explore the prairies – generally snow AND mosquito free this time of year so it’s a great time to enjoy them! There are a number of provincial parks to visit – a few being:
    1. Dinosaur Provincial Park
    2. Writing on Stone Provincial Park
    3. Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
    4. Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park
    5. William A. Switzer Provincial Park
    6. Midland Provincial Park (Drumheller)

For some more ideas on where to visit check out the Alberta Parks website by clicking here.

  • Head for Interior BC. Visiting the Kootenays can be a great way to find some warmer temperatures while hitting some of the more famous spots in Banff and Lake Louise. If you have more time you can head farther west as well.
  • Enjoy some spring skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff

Whatever you get up to we are sure you’ll have a great time! As always – pack layers and your sense of adventure – and if you have any questions feel free to reach out. Happy Camping!

What to do on Your Spring Roadtrip!