Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get to and from the North Campervans location?

We are located on an acreage about 25 minutes east of the Calgary International Airport and can be reached by any regular taxi service or Uber. For a discounted rate you can book a ride with Delta Cabs by letting them know you are one of our customers.

How does the insurance for your campervan rental work?

Our insurance includes collision coverage and up to 2 Million in third party liability for anything that may happen while the campervan rental is in your care. Your bond represents your maximum liability – ie. Bond of $1000 = you would cover a maximum of $1000 in damages if it occurs to the campervan while it is rented out to you.

You are welcome to use your own insurance instead – however we do require proof of coverage for rented RVs/passenger vehicles/converted vehicles. To assist with this process, we can provide a letter detailing your campervan details.

Do you need to book campsites in advance?

If you are particular about what you see, where you stay, the order of it all AND it is inside a National or Provincial Park – the sooner you can book your campsites the better. Many of these campsites book out quickly for the high season but that said -sometimes cancellations can happen last minute – but some flexibility will be required to take advantage of this.

First come first serve sites are a great option as well – but we do recommend starting your day out stopping in to claim a spot and trying to move on days that aren’t Thursday through to Saturday. Heading outside of Banff and Jasper to some of the Provincial Parks, PLUZ areas, other National Parks (ie. Yoho, Glacier and Kootenay) can also really assist in getting away from the crowds and make finding a camping spot much easier.

How is kilometer usage tracked?

Your mileage is cumulative over your total trip length and is checked at the start and end of your trip. If you have 1280 kms included with your rental they can be used however you wish. If you need extra kilometers you can either add a mileage package on at the start of your trip or just pay out any overage at the end of your trip.

Is there anything to consider when renting a canoe with your campervan?

Taking a canoe on your adventure can be awesome! It allows you to get out on popular lakes before the crowds get there as well as onto lakes that are without rental options. It can also provide some sweet cost savings. However, you will want to consider how much you are looking to use it. To access the kitchen in the back of the campervan the canoe needs to be removed and it does require some overhead strength to get the 65-70 lbs canoe onto the roof – so you just need to be sure it will be used enough to make the bit of extra work justifiable.

How can you keep yourselves and the wildlife safe?

Practice leave no trace when camping, hiking etc. Keep your campsites clean, don’t leave any food remnants (regardless of whether they will break down or not) or wrappers out in campsite, in campfire, or in the bushes. Carry bear spray with you when out hiking regardless of how busy the trail is. Make noise/conversation as you go to give warning of your presence. If you come across wildlife – give them their space. We are visitors in their home and efforts to keep them wild and not relating our presence with food will be of great assistance in ensuring their safety as well as our own.

What gas mileage do the campervans get?

Answer: 9.4 L/100 km

How long is the campervan?

Answer: 17ft

How big is the bed in the campervan and the rooftop tent?


Campervan Bed – 6’X4’ with a space in between the two front seats enabling those over 6’ to really stretch out.

Rooftop Tent – 6’6”X4’6”

What is available for audio in the campervans?

Answer: Some of the vans have Bluetooth, some just have an auxiliary outlet. Best idea is to come prepared with an aux cord and a dongle if your phone/audio device requires one.

Can you random camp?

Our campervans are completely self-contained meaning no plug ins are required to power your fridge or to charge your electronic devices. You can random camp in areas where it is allowed – we just ask that you practice “leave no trace” camping and pack out everything that you take in as well as follow the rules for random camping for your location. Also worth noting is that the camper vans’ insurance does not apply to damages that occur when driving if not on maintained roads.

When is a Parks pass needed and how do you get one?

A National Parks pass is required anytime you will be stopping inside the park. They can be purchased online or you can purchase them at the entrance to the National Park.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancel within 30 days of your trip and receive a full refund. Cancel 14-29 days before pickup and receive a 50% credit. Less than 14 days before rental – no refund or credit. Cancellations are to be made via email.