Whether you want a rooftop tent to sleep a couple of extra friends, spend a night off the beaten track in a stand alone tent, or paddle board a pristine glacier lake, we have the gear you need!

Check out some of our options below!

Stand Alone Rentals

Skycamp 1 Main-min

Rooftop Tent (2-4 Person)

Bring your own vehicle and roof rack and go on an adventure with one of our iKamper Skycamp (3-4 Person) or Skycamp Mini (2 person) roof top tents.

For more information on the tents and vehicle/roof rack requirements or to book a standalone roof top tent please give us a call at +1 (587) 357-6107 or contact us via email at contact@northcampervans.ca. Stand alone rooftop tent rentals are not yet available on our online booking system.

Campervan Rental Add-Ons

Roof Top Tent

Rooftop Tent (2 Person)

Sleep among the stars. Add a roof top tent to your Campervan Rental and bring an additional 2 adult travelers along for the journey. Our rooftops tents set up quickly, keep you warm and off the ground and come with a view. Rentals include bedding for 2 Adults.

Inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP)

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Do some Yoga on the water. Our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board rentals are light and pack down into a convenient backpack, so you can hike to those hard to reach bodies of water.


2 Person Canoe

Explore the lakes and rivers with our Canoe Rentals. Comes with paddles, life jackets, and safety kit.

Foldable Camp Table

Foldable Camp Table

This collapsible camp table gives you a handy extra surface to prepare your gourmet outdoor meals, to hold your snacks by the lake or to play a game by the campfire. Packs down small.

Rooftop Carrier For North Campervans

Rooftop Carrier

Carrying around some extra baggage? Our roof top carriers give you a little extra space for luggage and gear.

3 person stand alone tent

3 Person Standalone Tent

Bring a friend or three. Sleep an additional three adult travelers or bring this stand alone tent along to experience a snooze in the woods.

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pads

Our sleeping pads add a little cushion and warmth to your sleeping spot. Essential addition to a tent on the forest floor.